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A highlight of my first month here

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Having being gone for just over a month now, I will recap some of my favorite memories, including pictures. Okay, here we go:

Stored Memory #1: Spanish Helper

Before one of my flights, a guy asked me about the book I was reading. We started talking, and it turned out his sister was going to Mexico, and didn’t know anyone on the plane and spoke no English. I told him I would help her get on the plane, and whatever else she needed assistance with. As we both boarded together, we laughed over little things, and on the plane I was able to relay what the flight attendants were saying. Who knew I’d be speaking Spanish on my way to Zambia.


Stored Memory #2: Walking Alone

The first time I walked alone outside at night, I thought I would faint of fear. I was so afraid I was going to run into a snake, that I walked quickly, jumping at nearly every movement the wind blew through the bushes, all the while praying that I would be spared from a snake attack. As of today, I have not had any encounters with a snake, besides a tiny dead one. I can’t express how excited I am about this.


Stored Memory #3: In a Truck, Down by the River

I always enjoy leaving the Orphanage compound and traveling to Choma, roughly 45 minutes away, but when rain pours out, it's best to stay inside the grounds, or you might get stuck. This happened to 5 of us, who ended up down by the river while it was flooded. We thought it would go down by midnight, but as midnight approached, we realized the river was going up rather then down. We ended up sleeping in our vehicles, tired, exhausted, cold and wet. When we awoke, the bridge was till flooded and the Zambians also waiting for it to go down said it probably wouldn't go down until 4 p.m., so we decided to brave the other, much longer path, in hopes of that bridge not being flooded. Though we drove over walking paths and scraped through trees and slopped through muddy puddles, we made it, safe and sound, unloaded our cargo, and went to bed. What a day that was.


Stored Memory #4: Played Guitar in Construction Site

Each Tuesday is guitar lesson day, but with my teacher busy trying to finish the Guest House, lessons can sometimes not happen. This past week, the following conversation took place.

Me: So, should I just practice on my own today?
Blu: No. (Talking from standing on the roof of the Guest House) Bring the guitar here and play.
Me: (Looking around at the construction zone) Here?
Blu: Yes, here.
Me: I can't tell if you are being serious or not.
Blu: I'm dead serious. Bring it here and we'll have lessons.
Me: What about the rain?
Blu: Go get the guitar and bring it here.
Me: Okay then.

By the time I got back, a roof of medal sheets was being placed over my head, and I was all set up and ready to play in the middle of the construction site, with saws going off, guys coming and going and lots of yelling. I sang quietly to myself and worked on getting out my horrible chords while holding conversations as to why I would not sing louder, why this was not serenading the workers and how silly I felt while doing it. After 1 hours of rehearsal, I was done. I packed up the guitar and music and headed home. What an experience that was.


Stored Memory #5: Performed first time with the kids (Shut De Do)

Among many basic music concepts that I have been teaching in my Music Class, the kids have also learned motions to the song "Shut De Do," and were able to perform it this past evening for out Wednesday night Prayer and Praise gathering. The smiles and joy seen in those kids faces as they performed was priceless, and I couldn't help but be so very proud of what all that have been able to do.

Hello, I'm Jenna, and these are some of my Zambian stories.


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Great stories Jenna! Thanks for sharing! and keep up the good work!

by dalerhipps

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