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1 Month 1 Day Out

Everything Into One

I am now one month and one day out, and been talking about my travels even more than before. People genuinely seemed interested and impressed with me leaving and heading off for a few months, especially when I inform them that I am just out of high school. As I think about it, it really isn't that impressive. It is me, Jenna Hager, answering a call I had to go on a plane to another part of the world. Think of it as if you have just received a call from your boss that you are needed at the office right away. You say goodbye to your family and go, no questions asked. That is like this, just on a bigger scale. My Heavenly Father has called me up and asked me to go volunteer with some people for a few months, and with the support of my family, I am taking that call and leaving. It's not always easy, but no one ever said life would be easy. I know there will be dangers, diseases that I could get, could be run over by a stampead of goats, or taken. All of those things, except maybe the goats, happen here every day and yet no one seems to want to stop me from living where I am at now. Living a life out of the country seems like the most natural thing for me, and I am so ready to head over there.

As I am getting ready, there are several things more I have to complete. First, I will be taking a CPR and First Aid class so I will be certified when I leave. I feel this is an important thing to complete so I can be as much help, no matter the situation, when I am gone. Also, I still need to meet with people who are helping me know how to teach English. I will write some plans, get some coloring books and crayons to help the kids learn their colors and shapes, and come up with fun activities that they will love and I will be able to teach them in a relaxed environment...perfect for teaching and learning if you ask me. I think I have all of my clothing I need, minus a few minor details, and now just have to figure out when I should start packing certain things and how many bags I will take. I want to keep it small and minimal. I have my new updated passport, but it is now sent off in getting my Visa for my Zambia trip. I am praying there are no complications, and that I can get it back quickly.

I am at that stage of the process to if you ask me if I'm excited to go, all I can do is smile and say yes, yes I am excited to go. My outward joy I had at the beginning has been dying down and it is now a deep seeded joy that is stemming from my core. I believe this is a healthy place to be, and could possibly lead to a future in missions. We shall see where I am led from here. Besides, I need to focus on these next several months before I go into the next several years. :)

So ask me if I am excited and here is my answer: Yes, yes I am excited to go and so ready to take this step of faith.

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Sinking In

Speaking Out

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As the night draws to an end, I am realizing that even if I don't feel ready to leave, I know I have all the tools I need to go. I am talking with a friend who is also traveling this upcoming year, and just the realization that I am actually leaving in 2 months is starting to sink in. This is what I have been called to do, and this is what I am doing. Funds are starting to come in, and I am reminded how grateful I am for the many friends and family willing to support my travels. I couldn't do it without them. Tomorrow I will be sharing with many people where I am going and what I am doing, and I am confident that this is the next step to getting the word out. I can't wait to tell everyone how my life is being turned what seems like right side up.

To watch me online tomorrow at either 9:00 am or 10:45 am, visit the following website.


Leaving in: 2 months

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On Sunday I will be speaking quick and Christ Community Church along with some others who are going out of the country on where I am going and for how long. They will be putting up specific information in the church's "hub" and hopefully more people will become interested. This is an exciting way to get the word out. I'm excited. One step closer.

Leave In: 2 months, 4 days

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Zambia Information

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I was very much asleep when I woke up this morning, but after checking my emails, I became wide awake. I received an email from people I'll be working with in Zambia, answering many questions. Bellow is what my main duties will be.

-Teach the kids at the orphanage a Drama they have done in the past with people who visit short term
- Come up with, and teach some sot of Easter presentation with the kids
- Hold a choir class at least 3 times a week with all of the kids
- teaching Sunday School
-be involved with the kids' activities during the week

These things, along with other odds and ends will be my major focusses during the four months I am in Zambia. Coming in March, there will be two girls from Florida who will also be housing in the volunteer house built. I will be my own roommate while they will share a room. Along with the work I will be doing there, I will get to visit one of the Wonders of the World, Victoria Falls, and going on a safari (two of my goal's I've always wanted to do!!).

I can't tell you how excited I am to be given these opportunities. I can't wait to see what else God has planned :)

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What I'm Learning

As part of the preparation process for leaving, I wrote a letter that would be sent to friends and family informing them on my travels and what all I would be doing. Unfortunately, family circumstances forced me to postpone the date I sent them out, to almost two weeks later than my original plans. This helped me remember that my plans are not always what are best for my life. Even in the small things in getting ready to leave I am constantly being reminded that it will not always be a well oiled ship. In fact, I hope it doesn't go like that. I want to be free of ties that I build for myself and let God work however He sees fit. He knows far too well how imperfect I am.

I now am getting ready to leave in less then 74 days, and preparing school supplies for the kids, such as worksheets and flashcards, and figuring out songs and fun little skits the kids and I can put together to perform in the local church. I can't wait to see how everything will come together!

New Information:

I will leave mid-moring September 6, and spend the first night in Guatemala City with Norman and Vickie Sutton, and we will pick up a girl who is also staying in the orphanage for a few weeks with me on the drive to Hogar De Vida on September 7. I will return in the evening on November 14.

No new news yet on Zambia. I will continue to inform as I know.

And now I wait. Oh what a wait it shall be. _MG_9640-2396559390-O


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