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I was able to see and talk with the missionaries from Guatemala, Norm and Vickie, and will be meeting with them several times before they head back to Guatemala in a month. We will discuss the lesson plans for teaching English, and what all I need to bring for that. There is so much to do to prepare. I will be mailing out my letters to people for support within the next couple weeks. Hopefully many will be interested in my story and want to hear more. I am meeting with someone who is investing in me as a spiritual mentor to help me in preparation for my travels, and also for life.

I am nervous about meeting expectations at each place, and being able to accomplish the work I'm setting out to do. However, I'm only setting myself up for failure with this attitude. It's my own bar that I have set for myself that I am trying to conquer. There is no way I will be able to do this, I just need to realize it. Hopefully I will be motivated to do what I need to do to prepare and yet realize that I can only do what I can do. I will touch people while I'm away, whether in my way or His.

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Guatemala Return

I just found out today, and I am very excited, that I will be coming back to the states from Guatemala on November 15th. This is the rough date until we make sure that the group I would be traveling back with is leaving on that day. This will mean that I will head to Guatemala September 6th, and return November 15th

Please pray as I will be meeting with Norman and Vicki, the two missionaries from the orphanage, in the coming weeks while they are visiting the states, and start writing English lesson plans and working out minute details. I am blessed to be working with them.

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Hey. Here is an update on new information that I have been figuring out on plans.

Guatemala: Will be leaving September 6th and be teaching English there. I will also work alongside the orphanage workers and really get to know them, help them cook, work with the kids, and what ever else they do I will help do. Morning wake up times will be 6 a.m. on school days and 7 a.m. on weekends. Food has to be cooked, and that will take time. There is another girl that will be there the first month I am there, who is my age and doing the same type of gap year as I am. She will not be doing the same things at the orphanage as I will be, but it will be good to have someone there my age that I can talk to and work with. Her name is Amanda.

Zambia: No new news as of right now, but will keep everyone updated as I find things out.

Prayer Requests:
-As you think about it, please pray for Amanda in her preparation to travel and that we would be able to work well together and really feed each other while we are down there.
-That I would be open to what needs to be done to mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually to prepare for my trip. I can be lazy at times, and I do not want to keep things for the last minute.
- That I would always remember that the reason I am going is to serve others and honor God, and not let me own ideas and planning get in the way of what God wants to do with me and through me.

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Up to Date


As of today, here is where I am at with my travels:

March 29 2012: Zambia orphanage entitled New Day officially asked me to come and work with them.
I will leave January 2 2013 and return the end of April to early May. As of right now, I will be writing some scripts for the kids, teaching a music class and working where they need me. More details of what I will be doing the staff and I will figure out as the time draws closer and needs arise.

April 11 2013: I decided that I will be going to Guatemala. They are excited to have me, and we will be working out soon what all I will be doing and figuring out where they are needing the most help. The orphanage name is Hogar de Vida, or, in English, Home of Life.

I am now in the works, with my parents and others helping me, of figure out what shots I will need, insurance needs, passport update and getting a visa, getting financial needs organized at each location and writing my letters and prayer cards that will be mailed out to people.

Always in prayer and trying to keep ahead of it all.

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Blog Desires


Today is my first entry, and I am excited to be sharing with everyone about my experience and what God will be doing and teaching me along the way. My hope for this blog is to be able to keep everyone updated on how my travels are going, share pictures and videos of my new life overseas, and share my fears and thoughts on how it is all going.
I will be frank, I don't know what will come out of this, but I expect great things from it.

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