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I´ve been in Valencia for one week now. My first analysis: it´s a wonderful place with incredible people. For those of you who have never been, let me quickly list some similarities and differences between here and the USA to give you a litte taste of the culture.

-several small meal times instead of giant ones
~most all include vegitables as a side, followed by fruit to cleanse the palate and close out the meal
~the afternoon meal is followed by a coffee or other drink of similar sorts


General Times:
+-8:00 am- breakfast
+-10:00 am- lunch (depending on the work load in the previous hours determines what is eaten. In general, not a large meal)
+-2:30 pm- bigger meal
+-6:00 - 8:00 pm- small snack of your choosing
+-9:00 - 10:30 pm - bigger dinner meal

-roughly 2 hour long break for students from 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm (used to go home and eat, finish up homework for afternoon classes, etc.)

-with eating dinner so late, people don´t usually go to bed until midnight or past

-the food is, overal, healthier

-being outdoors is an every day occurrence

Whether for...
~the like


-lots of kissing
Note: you greet someone by kissing them on both cheeks.

Now the similarites:

-everyone is unique in how they look
~body type
~hair color
~clothing worn

-they wear whatever they want

-people are currious of other people

-if something big happens, everyone has to know

You might look at these two lists and say "clearly there are more differences and similarites than this." Yes, yes there are, but to mension all of them would not be a very good use of anyones time. You might also notice that the "diffferences" list is much longer than the "similarities" list. It is, but thats not a bad thing. I see all of this and to me, it´s all life being lived. I love when people live life to the fullest, no judgements added!

If any of you have met me, you know there are always two questions I like to ask people:

1- are you drinking plenty of water
2- are you breathing

I drink plenty of water here and breath in fresh air daily. Check and check.

A snail I found while swimming one day. Isn´t he great?

A snail I found while swimming one day. Isn´t he great?

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